We have found a great interest in mixing organic material in sculpture clay. Mostly we have worked with chopped straw.
We mix stoneware clay with a big quantity coarse grog and chopped straw. Then we are “building” with the clay.
A technique reassembling the way to build clay houses around the world. The walls are built up with the clay mixture and
afterwards finished with clay slurry. In this way it is possible to build big and with “organic” form.
The straw in the clay distributes the water very well during the work and later during the drying, preventing the sculpture to crack.

Likewise the heat is equalized during the firing when the straw is burned away. The straw content is low in weight percentage,
so it will not harm an electric kiln.

After many years of work with “Straw clay” we have now started to teach the technique to others.

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